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Dash (DASH) : Pret, Curs , Valoare & Grafic

Originally posted 2022-10-12 21:15:02.

Graficul și Prețul Dash

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* Currency in EUR
Historical Price for Dash
Dash Piețe

Pret in timp real


Capitalizarea pieței

665 229 518

Volum 24h

180 414 579

Jetoane disponibile

11 197 041 DASH

Convertor Dash Curs


Prețul Dash ridicat din toate timpurile

Record Istoric

1 374,04

% Variatie de la Record Istoric


Data Recordului Istoric

December 20, 2017

Zile de la Recordul Istoric


Cum să Cumperi Dash

Pentru a cumpăra criptomonede, urmează acești 4 pași rapizi și simpli:

  1. Deschideți un cont la un broker (recomandăm XTB)
  2. Efectuați o primă depunere în contul dvs
  3. Căutați Dash în lista de criptomonede
  4. Cumpărați Dash

Ce este Dash ?

Dash (DASH) is the coin running on Dash blockchain offering instant, secure and private transactions. Based on Bitcoin's core code, Dash enabled self-funding and self-governing models which enables the enterprises or individuals to send or receive value instantly. Dash uses Chained Hashing Algorithm for proof of work which results in instant transactions, a major problem for Bitcoin in point of sales scnarios.

Dash blockchain relies on master nodes and is an open source cryptocurrency. The nimum amount of Dash required to run a master node is 1000 Dash. Masternodes are incentivized for keeping the data and running the network by giving them 45% of mined Dash.

Dash was proposed and developed initially by Evan Duffield, later the project was led by Ryan Taylor, the present CEO of Dash. The Dash team consists of 73 members including managers, developers, operation controllers, marketers, and business development managers.

Stephane Delsol
Stephane Delsol
Stephane este analist financiar. Pasionat de tranzacționarea pe piețele financiare, el analizează performanța instrumentelor financiare derivate, fiind specializat în tranzacționarea criptomonedelor.